How We Invest

Investment Process

The Stewart Capital investment process is well defined, disciplined and repeatable. We consider approximately 5,000 stocks and other equity securities that fall within the appropriate range of market capitalization.

The top-down macroeconomic analysis uncovers what the portfolio team believes to be thematic opportunities. Using proprietary fundamental research and rigorous stock selection, the portfolio managers identify sectors and companies they believe are positioned to capitalize on the selected themes.

While each portfolio manager is assigned primary responsibility for specific market sectors, security selection is not made independently. Every security recommendation is thoroughly discussed and examined during meetings of the Investment Policy and Strategy Committee. This vetting process includes reviewing the valuation worksheet and challenging the assumptions being used.

  • Investment Universe
  • Top Down View
  • Identify Investment Themes
  • Bottom Up Research
  • Identify Stocks to Capitalize on Each Theme
  • Client Investment Guidelines
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Sector Allocation
  • Stock Selection
  • Porfolio
    25 – 60 Stocks